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Included in The Temple of Solomon the King, Majestic12 gifted us with Vladimir Megre’s first book, Anastasia.

But, did you know, that other books in this series were freely available online also in pdf format?

Click here to visit that page and to read a synopsis of each volume.

You can download pdfs by clicking on each book image (except for book one. That link is broken.)

Of course, I copied them all to this MEGA folder, just in case the resource linked above ever disappears.

The publisher describes the series as Star Trek meets the Bible. Ama also adds, “Meets Castaneda and Homesteaders. Survival also.” 😁

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do.

If so, don’t miss Megre’s website where you can sign up for his monthly newsletter.

Vladimir Megre

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