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Searching Twitter for Answers

I’m asked this often… “Where’s that Majestic 12 tweet about x?”

It seems that Twitter is making our searching for answers more difficult by limiting the amount of tweets that are available by simply scrolling through an account’s timeline.

Because this is such a widespread issue, with lots of personal growth implications, I have decided to repost this Patreon story here on my new blog.

Here are some examples on how to perform a Twitter Search:

Firstly, this example is from the Twitter Web App, go to the bottom of your screen and click on the Q… I mean, the search icon.

(See what I did there? Let’s see how long it takes Jack to change this icon now. 😂)

Now, within the search box at the top of your screen,

type in one of the following examples:

• Here’s a simple, one topic Twitter search:

from:TS_SCI_MAJIC12 coffee

• Here’s an example of how to find multiple topics at the same time:

from:ts_sci_majic12 marijuana OR cannabis OR CBD OR THC OR hemp

• Here’s an example of a rather complex, compound search to find Majestic12 clone accounts, without returning TS_SCI_MAJIC12 in the results: MJ12 OR “Majestic 12” OR MAJIC12 -ts_sci_majic12

As you can see from these examples, the case (upper or lower) of the words doesn’t matter. It does for operators though. Always make ‘OR’ or ‘AND’ uppercase.

Remember, as Majestic 12 is fond of saying, spelling matters. Check it if your searches return nothing.

Here are more search examples from Twitter:

For those of you who still feel overwhelmed by syntax, here is a searchable archive of Majestic 12’s older tweets.

It contains every tweet from their first, 25-Jul-2017 through 15-Mar-2019.

After that date, you’re on your own, using the search examples above.

I hope that this brief tutorial is useful to you, especially in finding your particular answers on your path to enlightenment.

I’ve deleted Patreon, deciding instead to make all posts free for everyone.

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