The Temple of Solomon The King

Last summer Majestic12 gifted us with a massive online library, something I often refer to as the Library of Alexandria, since it’s 50 gigs in size.

Since that time, their link to that incredible library has become broken. I know that many of you were heartbroken to discover this because I received multiple requests asking if I still had a copy.

Fortunately for us all, I created my own MEGA account and saved everything, the entire 50GB. In fact, since then, I’ve come across even more libraries and compilations and have also added these to my private collection. My MEGA files have now grown to over 69GB.

All of the files are downloadable, but I highly suggest creating your own MEGA account and making your own copies.

If you would like an invitation to MEGA, just DM me on Twitter @covertress or email me at and I’ll send one right over.

And now, without further ado, I shall link Majestic 12’s 50GB to you. Yay!

The Temple of Solomon the King!zLAxEIqL!72XTWe_9A9xp_zG785rqgg

Stay tuned. I promise to share much more in the coming days.

You’re welcome.

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