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#Fightback: The Psyop of Majestic 12 on Twitter

– Chapter 1 –

I can only tell this story from my own perspective. Much of what I’ll detail here is my own opinion and I’ll attempt to point out where that is the case. However, the perpetrator of this psychological operation (psyop) has, in his own words, confessed to much of what I’m about to share. He has documented the entire case in his YouTube videos under the channels Majestic 12 and Phoenix Vault. Additionally, his tweets have been preserved in text documents and screenshots. I’ll provide links at the end.

Let me begin by saying that I, like many of you, was lulled into the belief that the Twitter account, @TS_SCI_MAJIC12, or Majestic 12, was actually run by military insiders. My reason for this belief was because Mike Trimm (aka Majestic 12, aka Patriot Phoenix) said so in tweets from the Majestic 12 account.

It all began like this:

One day, Trimm directed his Twitter followers to view a live speech being given by then Acting Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan.

Trimm, as MJ12, quoting a portion of Shanahan’s speech tweeted:

“The technology that is developed in the civil world, transfers to the military world, it’s a direct pipeline.” – Trimm signed “MJ8” afterwards instead of Patrick Shanahan.

Question from a follower:

“Are you saying that Shanahan is Majestic?”

Trimm’s reply:

“We are.” – 09-Apr-2019

In subsequent tweets, Trimm went on to imply that the following military insiders were all a part of his fictitious Majestic 12 Twitter account:

* General Dunford – in a peer program that requires his absence from MJ12, 14-Mar-2019

* General Flynn – 25-Jul-2017

* CIA Director Gina Haspel – confirmed with a “Yes” to my question, 06-Apr-2019

* General Mattis

* ADNI, Joseph Maguire – 08-Aug-2019

* General Mark Milley – “Perhaps” in response to my question, 02-Oct-2019

* Acting Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan – MJ8, 09-Apr-2018

* President Donald J. Trump, 45, 4,10,20

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m presented with possible classified information from elite military insiders, I take copious notes. In fact, I began to religiously document everything Trimm said, in my own handwritten journals. Fortunately, other Twitter followers were doing similarly, compiling all Majestic 12 tweets into pdf documents of text and screenshots.

After the @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 (Majestic 12) account was suspended from Twitter, Trimm attempted to continue his ruse by creating several new accounts, which Twitter also promptly suspended. He then opened accounts on Instagram, Parler and activated a group tied to a Keybase backup of his own tweets that had been previously confirmed by the original Twitter @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 account. This gave legitimacy to his new accounts. Not yet knowing his true identity, I assisted him. By being a Keybase user myself, I tweeted about how Keybase proofs work. This gave his operation continued legs to stand on.

How do you catch a fish?

For my involvement in perpetuating Trimm’s operation, I humbly apologize. But, by continuing to maintain his trust, I was eventually given his phone number and spoke with him directly. Here’s how our conversation went:

Trimm speed-talked through the first several minutes exclusively about Austin Steinbart, who he had promoted as the head of the pro-Trump operation we all now on Twitter and the chans as “Q”.

He detailed how much money Steinbart had stolen from members of his own cult. The amount totaled over $100,000. (I was able to confirm this claim through another associate of his, who was also swindled.)

Trimm spoke of his new project, Phoenix Vault, a repository of declassified government documents, including the JFK files.

Trimm and I spoke about our individual IT backgrounds and he told me that once he finds an investor for Phoenix Vault he would offer me and other select Majestic 12 followers employment with it.

How do you keep secrets hidden?

Employ those who know them. Make them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

– Chapter 2 –

How do you build a cult following?

The following comes directly from the document, Satanic Cult Awareness. I’m going to quote a large portion of this document, as I believe it will help many to understand how they were deceived. As you read this, keep in mind the tactics Trimm and Steinbart have used to psychologically control their followers. Not all points will be covered by these psyops, but what is might surprise you.

Exactly How Is A Destructive Religious Cult (DRC) Defined?

A DRC is any group which uses psychological manipulation (1) to impair, destroy or make captive an individual’s freedom of thought or reasoning abilities. This is done with the hidden purpose or promoting the wealth, power or vanity of charismatic cult leaders. The recruitment (2) practice is usually deceptive and the victim enters the cult without informed consent. Cult leaders demand blind faith in their teachings, restrict freedom of their followers and direct them to engage in criminal activity (3). (Criminal activity like being a part of a DOS attack on the company DATTO?)

1. Cult Techniques of Psychological Manipulation (emphasis and bracketed comments mine)

Isolation – loss of reality induced by physical separation from society and rational references.

Hypnosis – state of high suggestibility induced by hypnosis, often thinly disguised as meditation.

Peer Group Pressure – suppression of doubt and resistance to new ideas achieved by exploiting the natural need to belong.

Love Bombing – sense of family and belonging contrived through hugging, kissing, touching and flattery.

Removal of Privacy – loss of ability to evaluate, logically achieved by preventing private contemplation.

Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue – disorientation and vulnerability created by prolonged mental and physical activity and withholding adequate rest and sleep. (“How did Tesla sleep?” Trimm asked. Answer: 3 hours of sleep, 6 hours of wakefulness.)

Games – need for direction when playing games with obscure rules increases dependence on the group. (Misspellings matter? Timestamps matter?)

META Communication – subliminal messages implanted by stressing certain key words or phrases in long confusing lectures. (Message Over Messenger?)

No Questions – automatic acceptance of beliefs accomplished by discouraging questions.

Confusing Doctrine – complex lectures on an incomprehensible doctrine, encourage rejection of logic and blind acceptance.

Rejection of Old Values – acceptance of new life style accelerated by constantly denouncing former values and beliefs. (Religions will be destroyed?)

Confession – destruction of personal egos, increased vulnerability to new teachings and recruits’ weakness revealed, through sharing innermost secrets. (DMs are open?)

Guilt – teachings of eternal salvation reinforced by exaggerating sins of the former lifestyle.

Fear – loyalty and obedience to group maintained by threatening soul, life or limb for the slightest “negative” thought, word or deed. (Ascension?)

Chanting and Singing – non-cult input screened out by demanding repetition of mind narrowing chants or phrases, when faced with non-cult ideas. (Trust your IS-BE?)

Disinhibition – abdication of adult responsibility encouraged by orchestrating child-like behavior. (Cannabis anyone?)

Change of Diet – disorientation and increased susceptibility to emotional arousal achieved by depriving the nervous system of necessary nutrients, through the use of low-protein, child-like food. (Veganism? Veganism has been scientifically proven to cause dementia due to the lack of adequate vitamin B12.)

Controlled Approval – vulnerability and confusion maintained by alternately rewarding and punishing similar actions. (AMAs?)

Dress – individuality removed by demanding conformity to the group dress code. (N/A)

Flaunting Hierarchy – acceptance of cult authority produced by promising advancement, power and salvation. (Ascension?)

Finger Pointing – false sense of righteousness created by pointing to the shortcomings of the outside world and other cults. (Jordan Sather? Kabamur Taygeta?)

Replacement of Relationships – pre-cult families destroyed by arranging cult marriages and “families”.

Financial Commitment – increased dependence on the group achieved by “burning bridges” to past, through the donation of all assets. (Majestic 12 supports Phoenix Vault? Phoenix Vault is a Majestic operation?)

– Chapter 3 –

Where do we go from here?

I left out one important detail from my phone conversation with Michael Trimm (not his real name, but I have no desire to dox him, as he has a family):

He told me that he was “well trained in Information Warfare”.

Why? Why knowingly use psyops on people? Given the case I’ve presented above, do you still believe that his operation was targeting the Deep State?

It is my belief that the psyops by Trimm and Steinbart were used to build a base of followers, willing to open their hearts and their wallets to self-serving, ego-driven cult leaders.

Don’t feel ashamed that you fell for them. If it’s any consolation, I believed in Majestic 12 too.

How many people of Majestic 12’s 70k+ followers were physically and mentally harmed by these psyops?

Several people have confided to me that their health was affected, that they “were broken hearted” and that they felt like committing suicide after feeling so duped.

I’ve created a Telegram group, where I hope that we can support each other and begin the process of healing.

Please DM me on Twitter or Telegram (@covertress) if you would like to join this private group.

If you do join me there, please be aware that Telegram requires your phone number in order to join, but that your number can be hidden from other users. To block your Telegram number from others, click on your account, then Privacy and Security, then set Phone Number to “Nobody”.

In closing, I’d like to thank Gen [R] Mike Flynn for his change of banner to the hashtag, #Fightback. It should serve as encouragement to all Digital Soldiers to speak up wherever we see injustice.

Steph (@covertress on Twitter)


Majestic 12 Tweet Archive (text)

Majestic 12 Tweet Archive (screenshots)

Majestic 12 YouTube Channel

Phoenix Vault YouTube Channel

Austin Steinbart YouTube Channel

Satanic Cult Awareness

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