Works of Ingersoll Lockwood

Filled with exotic flights of fancy, the Baron Trump tales feature the titular character – a wealthy boy who lives in Trump Castle. His actual name is Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, but for the sake of simplicity he chooses to go by his title of Baron Trump.

The young fellow embarks on time travelling adventures through human history. Through his travels, he meets societies of people and tribes from long ago, picking up aspects of their language and social customs. Accompanied by his faithful and protective companion hound Bulger, the young Baron navigates a variety of adventures and surmounts many obstacles.

The final book in this volume discusses the rise of a US President and has been variously described as either coincidental or prescient of aspects of the 21st century political climate. Set in an America torn by division and dissent, there are references to a hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York, and an election of an outsider candidate ensuing in a chaotic atmosphere.

Ingersoll Lockwood was an author of many children’s books and short stories. A veteran of the U.S. consular service, he began writing in the 1870s and attained fame and appreciation for his efforts. – via Amazon

Insersoll Lockwood also wrote wrote some of his non-fiction under the pseudonym Irwin Longman. Wikipedia

1900; or, The last President (PDF 25.87MB)

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Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger (PDF 20.08 MB)

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Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey (PDF 72.3 MB)

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Eleven Possible Cases (PDF 552.6 KB)

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A collection of short stories by Frank Richard Stockton, Anna Katharine Green, Maurice Thompson, Kirk Munroe, Henry Harland, Joaquin Miller, Ingersoll Lockwood, A. C. Wheeler, Brainard Gardner Smith, Franklin Fyles, and Edgar Fawcett


Nikola Tesla Files

On this date [January 27] in 1880 Thomas Edison received a patent for his incandescent lightbulb, and it made all the papers.

To celebrate, I’m making available to everyone my Nikola Tesla Files. Enjoy researching a true genius inventor.

  • books (some in German)
  • papers
  • patents
  • designs
  • biographies!WaJk3CKJ!jYiY16cB-9Z4XYHLXs00cA

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Works of Vladimir Megre

Included in The Temple of Solomon the King, Majestic12 gifted us with Vladimir Megre’s first book, Anastasia.

But, did you know, that other books in this series were freely available online also in pdf format?

Click here to visit that page and to read a synopsis of each volume.

You can download pdfs by clicking on each book image (except for book one. That link is broken.)

Of course, I copied them all to this MEGA folder, just in case the resource linked above ever disappears.

The publisher describes the series as Star Trek meets the Bible. Ama also adds, “Meets Castaneda and Homesteaders. Survival also.” 😁

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do.

If so, don’t miss Megre’s website where you can sign up for his monthly newsletter.

Vladimir Megre

Official website:


The Temple of Solomon The King

Last summer Majestic12 gifted us with a massive online library, something I often refer to as the Library of Alexandria, since it’s 50 gigs in size.

Since that time, their link to that incredible library has become broken. I know that many of you were heartbroken to discover this because I received multiple requests asking if I still had a copy.

Fortunately for us all, I created my own MEGA account and saved everything, the entire 50GB. In fact, since then, I’ve come across even more libraries and compilations and have also added these to my private collection. My MEGA files have now grown to over 69GB.

All of the files are downloadable, but I highly suggest creating your own MEGA account and making your own copies.

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And now, without further ado, I shall link Majestic 12’s 50GB to you. Yay!

The Temple of Solomon the King!zLAxEIqL!72XTWe_9A9xp_zG785rqgg

Stay tuned. I promise to share much more in the coming days.

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