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A Previous Life

What does it really mean for those of us who remember a past life?

Are we Starseeds?

What might we accomplish with this knowledge?

Here’s my past life story.

The Remembering began with the discovery of the @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 account on Twitter and a strong attachment that I felt to its lead author, James Vincent Forrestal, former head and founding member of the Majestic 12.

I began an earnest search to discover who James Forrestal was, and how he and I might be related for I knew that we were somehow.

Then Majestic 12 shared this documentary:

James Vincent Forrestal

When I saw a photo of Josephine Forrestal, James’ wife, I knew at once that I was her.

What followed my own remembering, was quite possibly one of the best Majestic 12 threads ever.


Donald Trump says his late uncle, an MIT professor, was proof of familyā€™s smart genes

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Am I a Starseed?

Direct Message with @TS_SCI_MAJIC12

What’s a Starseed to do with this knowledge?

Project Into The Matrix Reality

What’s GE?

God Eye is an all-seeing AI. GE was soft disclosed in the movie, Furious Seven.

God Eye – Furious Seven

Want to unlock and alter The Matrix, even knowing that your every move is being watched?

Majestic 12 continues to provide clues as to how.


Study Numerology aka Gematria.

Start by entering your name at Look at what phrases match your name in frequency.


If you can wait a few weeks, due to demand, I’m offering a free Gematria Name Reading.



Thank you to those who have requested readings. [Patience.] I’m gaining valuable experience by reading your numbers.

The more that I work with gematria, the more that I see patterns everywhere.

I haven’t figured out how to repeatably manifest into reality yet, but I’ve definitely cracked The Matrix and seen beyond the veil.


…and that’s all I can say about that.

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More resources coming here soon…

Watch this space for updates.

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